Welcome to PhilSoc

Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Philosophy Society. Our goal is to make philosophy accessible and interesting, to create safe spaces for people to learn about and discuss philosophy, and to expand their horizons. Every week we have a discussion group, a reading and film group, a guest lecture, and academic support. Whether you’re a full-time philosophy student or just peripherally interested, our society is bound to have something that’s just right for you.

Membership for Semester 2 is reduced to £5 during this Re-Fresher’s Week!


Week 1 Events:

Please note: We will now be hosting our Reading Group and Discussion Group in The New Amphion, Teviot.

Reading & Film Group
Monday, 16th January
Reading: The Repugnant Conclusion, part 4 of Derek Parfit’s Reasons and Persons.
The New Amphion, Teviot Row House (Map)

Discussion Group
Tuesday, 17th January
Topic: The Existence of God
The New Amphion, Teviot (Map) 

Academic Support
Thursday, 19th January
2:00 – 4:00pm
Dugald Stewart Building (DSB) Rm5.01

Guest Lecture
Thursday, 19th January
6:15pm (Doors from 6:00pm)
Prof. Robin LePoidevin, University of Leeds
Title: ‘Modal Horrors’
David Hume Tower, Lecture Theatre B

Check out the links below for more information about our Weekly Events this semester:

Our Reading and Film Group is every Monday evening.

Our Discussion Group is every Tuesday evening.

Our Academic Support Sessions are every Thursday afternoon.

Our Lecture Series is every Thursday evening.

You can always find out more on our events page and on Facebook.