Meet the Team

Ritzy Rajaswi, President

I am a third-year Philosophy student. I draw immense fascination in reading Classical Philosophy, Theology and Aesthetics. Apart from exploring Philosophy within the jaws of academic dogmatism, as a great seductress whose warm come-hithers herald brain death (Ha), I am keen on trying my hand at poetry and running a few miles. As philosophers, I believe in taking the hemlock for the pursuit of truth in one’s              disposition. In words of Cicero- “Fortis est non pertubaris in rebus asperis”.


Rebecca Stoll, Vice President & Social Secretary

I study Philosophy and English Literature in my third year. Even though I am from Austria and my native language is German, I am very passionate about reading and writing in English. When I am not busy reading, being an RA, or organising all things associated with PhilSoc, you will find me playing the piano or working on my poetry blog. When it comes to philosophy, I have a strong interest in Philosophy of Mind and Logic.

Consuella Zhao, Secretary & Department Liaison Officer

I am in my second year studying Philosophy and Theology. Philosophy asks essential questions, and my joy lies in the search for the answers. If you don’t find me poring over a book or talking about philosophy with friends, I will probably be strolling down an art gallery looking for my favorite paintings or sculptures, or doing some yoga, or doing something that catches my fancy.


Cris Garcia Ferreiro, Treasurer

I am a second year Civil Engineering student from Spain. My main interests in philosophy are theology, political philosophy and epistemology. You can usually find me with my nose buried in a book as I walk around Edinburgh.


Kenneth Novis, Discussion Group Organiser

I am a second year philosophy student and Christian Existentialist, interested in Continental approaches to metaphysics, epistemology and ethics. Naturally, there are few better places to test out a philosophy than in the crucible of discussion, so when I am not engrossed in my reading, you can usually find me fulfilling my Socratic duty and seeking out (willing) interlocutors.



Milan Ney, Reading Group Organiser


Zoë Brunner, Reading Group Organiser


Freya Derby, Marketing Officer

I’m a fourth year studying biomedical sciences. My interests revolve around the philosophical implications of genetics, from free will to ethics to philosophy of mind. I also like expensive coffee and indie music and anything else that reinforces my aesthetic as a massive hipster.

Polina Borisocheva, Librarian

I am a mathematics student with an interest in logic and metaphysics.



Tommy Zhang, Librarian

I’m a fourth year student studying philosophy. My interests are in metaphysics, logic, and the history of analytic philosophy. What about you, dear reader?


Siena Wotherspoon, Journal Editor

I am a second year student of Philosophy and Theology. My primary philosophical interests relate to philosophical debates that arise in the field of Cognitive Science, particularly embodied cognition. Other areas of Philosophy that interest me include aesthetics and ethics.

Simon Kaufmann, Webmaster

My background is in Computer Science and Electronics. Reading and talking about philosophy is mainly an attempt to satisfy my curiosity about this world and how to properly orient ourselves in it – life isn’t that easy after all. Well, at least usually it is harder than just updating the PhilSoc homepage.

pdp-2Viktoria Matejova, Ordinary Member

I’m a fourth year philosophy student, with a strong side interest in sociology.




Past Commitees