Meet the Team

Robert CampbellRobert Campbell, President, Reading Group Organiser, & Librarian

I’m a joint honours philosophy and economics student with a special interest in philosophy of economics, philosophy of science, and political philosophy. My two favorite places are libraries and forests. When not in either of these places, I am often making or listening to music.

marcophilsocMarco Malusà, Vice President & Discussion Group Organiser

I am a second-year Economics and Politics student. My interests lie mainly in Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness (a fascination I inherited from my past as a Cognitive Science student). I also enjoy discussions on a variety of other topics, ranging from aesthetics to political philosophy. On the side, I am a long-distance runner and an avid learner of languages.

13716189_1016412865144678_3822360390802061347_nRitzy Rajaswi, Secretary & Reading Group Organiser

I am a second year Philosophy student from India. I draw immense fascination in reading political philosophy, film theory, Theatrical performing arts and Poetry. For leisure, I am fond of debating politics, running a few miles and trying my hand at writing poetry.

13002548_577903715724129_2414563211749100095_oQuitze Eguigure, Treasurer




Josh Cox,  Chairperson, Academic Support Officer, & Journal Editor

I’m a fourth year single-honours philosophy student. I’m mostly interested in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. However, I try and read at least a tiny bit of most major branches of philosophy and as a result often end up falling victim to the Dunning-Kruger effect and forming stupid opinions.

19764536_1399447813456445_3980500373386297344_aAbi  Thwaites, Academic Support Officer

I’m an undergraduate Philosophy student in my fourth year. I’m most interested in questions at the intersections of metaphysics, the philosophy of language and philosophical logic. I also like coffee and dogs.


pdp-2Viktoria Matejova, Department Liaison Officer & Librarian

I’m a third year philosophy student, with a strong side interest in sociology. Being a strong-willed feminist, as well as of Eastern European origin, I naturally seek equal opportunities through drinking excessive amounts of substances and listening to devilish music in dark places. My intellectual pursuits tend to lead me towards existentialism, empiricism and alcoholism.

14238180_10207021284396896_3404138578844418065_nMaria Laura D’orazio, Marketing Officer & Social Secretary




Freya Derby, Marketing Officer

I’m a third year studying biomedical sciences. My interests revolve around the philosophical implications of genetics, from free will to ethics to philosophy of mind. I also like expensive coffee and indie music and anything else that reinforces my aesthetic as a massive hipster.

13879466_10153772578238008_4453355065656327111_n-2Joost Ziff, Webmaster & Post-graduate Representative

I am a Dutch/U.S. American PhD Student in philosophy. My work mostly falls in the intersection of metaphysics and epistemology, though I have dabbled in philosophy of mathematics. I also enjoy reading works in continental philosophy on race, gender, consciousness, and existence. For fun, I argue about politics and economics with my friends.

Tommy Zhang, Librarian

I’m an third year philosophy student from the US. My philosophical interests, depending on the season, vary from theology, history, continental philosophy, philosophy of mind and action. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies in the cinema and exploring.

Richa Dheendsa
, First-year Representative


15965338_1167401113381544_660791776049133582_nJiahong Liu
, Ordinary Member




19222929_1923756581173954_5940141705191152422_oAhmad Freihat, Ordinary Member

I am a second year English literature student; my greatest pleasure is the literature to which I have dedicated my life to. I am also a great advocate for doing nothing in that I believe that one should do nothing on occasion, instead of always having to do something. I also watch a lot of movies.

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